p:os innovation gmbh

The p:os innovation gmbh is an affiliated company of the p:os handels gmbh. We tie in with the success of the p:os handels gmbh and transfer our sound knowledge of brand name products to the food world.


Our product portfolio includes, among other things, filled „Minions“ and „Unicorn“, school cones , gift articles from "Guess how much I love you " and „Love is…“, wonderfully-scary fruit gums at Halloween and Advent calendars of numerous popular children’s licences.


The main focus of attention is on high-quality products within the fast-moving price sector. Thus the p:os innovation gmbh does not produce their brand name articles in the Far East but exclusively in certified Western European factories.

The high-impulse character, broad selection and variation possibilities of the license brands are ideally suited for sales items and for secondary and special presentations.


If you need more detailed information please contact the below seen persons.


p:os innovation gmbh

ostenallee 1-3

59063 hamm, germany


Andrea Achenbach
Sales and Distribution
Sales Assistant

phone: +49 (0)2381-87133-77

Hendrik Oevel

phone: +49 (0)2381-87133-69