Philosophy & Activities

We are trading partners

Customer-orientated product design, desirable products and perfect presentation at the point of sale are the most important prerequisites.

Our core competencies are within the perfect realisation of our licensed brands into products in the glass and ceramics sectors as well as decorative board games with 3D figures an accessories.


Products live with strong brands

Our partner´s brands are not ordinary but they are ever present. Very important: longevity protects against the need for clearing sales and assists customers with their planning. Today, longevity is the measure of all things.

"Pokemon" and "Moorhuhn" to name but a few painfully taught numerous market players waht ist means to jump onto the bandwagon too late. Huge warehouse stocks, which more often than not resulted in massive financial problems.

We selected themes that will remain popular in the long-term too. Classic comic licences will no longer dominate as strongly as they have in the past. Instead traditionally strong and renowned brands will increase in influence.

New approaches are called for with regards product design and the selection of licenses - we are pioneers treading on new ground. Product and license need to be ideally matched to one another - a simple logo an any old product no longer suffices.

In close cooperation with the licensors and our graphic designers we develop a complete range of goods for the market - excellent cost/performance ratio, appealing presentation included.

Flat hierarchies and clear structures are decisive for the smooth operation of every day business. Extremely cyclic working processes are fundamentally outsourced to specialists. Our small highly specialized team in Hamm concentrate on product development, sourcing and on the distribution of the goods.

Our EDP-system with data bank supported commodity management fulfils the toughest demands and operates almost entirely automated. Delivery note an invoice data are transferred to external data processing centres where they are processed extremely quickly.

Our entire warehousing, forwarding and logistics is handlled by the company Loxx Holding GmbH in Gelsenkirchen. This cooperation with a company that has been in family hands for over 30 years and that have their own ligistics-HUB not only makes us very flexible but also highly proficient.

A team of over 270 employees on location and a storage area of over 25,000 m2 plus 17,000 m2 as a transhipment zone enable us to generally process incoming orders and to deliver to the cusomer within 48 hours throughout Germany.